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ARC Announces First Class-8 Open Test
February 28th 2009 -

On April 14, 2009, ARC will hold its first ever heavy duty truck and trailer open wind tunnel test. This test is open to all fleets and product developers for a small fee. This test is designed to offer each participant the chance to test a few aerodynamic products or a new design with regards to fuel economy savings. Results will be live and displayed in minutes following each test run. The base model being used is a Prostar two axle sleeper cab tractor with a 53' Wabash trailer. "ARC is excited to pioneer a new fuel savings technique for the class-8 industry. We are so confident in our techniques ability to offer a cost effective, positive step change to the industry, that we decided to hold an historic series of open tests for this particular industry." said Mike Camosy, Operations Manager. Before this test, all testing completed by ARC waw "losed door" for a single customer.

For more information on how ARC's capabilities can help you, contact ARC by e-mail at or via phone at 1-317-291-8600.

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Auto Research Center, LLC is a research & development facility that provides analysis using its various testing devices such as wind tunnel, CFD Elements software, seven post rig and drive train test rig, as well as design and consultancy services. The majority of ARC's customer base involves professional automotive racing teams, automotive manufacturers, delivery vehicle manufacturers, and heavy duty truck and trailer manufactures and military, all of which are concerned about efficiency, handling, and fuel economy. "Our Customer's Success is Our Business"


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