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Aerodynamic Bicycle Test Facility Bike Fit Day January 27th
January 20th 2016 - On January 27th, ARC is hosting a day for Bike Fitters by opening up the Aerodynamic Bicycle Test Facility for their use. This one day event is geared towards helping fitters increase aerodynamic knowledge of the parts they sell and best fitment methods of them.
ARC Aerodynamicists with cycling backgrounds will be on hand to assist with best practice usage of the Aerodynamic Bike Test Facility. ARC will also provide promotional materials, photos and video taken during the event.
The ARC Aerodynamic Bike Testing (ABT) Facility provides competitive cyclists, triathletes, manufacturers of gear, clothing and bikes the advantage of increasing their speed and efficiency with the most accurate bike testing facility available. The facility allows a range of testing with or without the rider, with 6 component balance resolution as low as 0.25 Watts. Accurately measured performance in the wind tunnel will lead to improved sales. Read more about the bicycle test facility at and book time today.
If you are a bike fitter, signup today by contacting ARC at, phone at 1-317-291-8600 or visit
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Auto Research Center, LLC is a research & development facility that provides analysis using its various testing devices such as wind tunnel, CFD Elements software, bicycle test facility, seven post rig and drive train test rig, as well as design and consultancy services.  The majority of ARC’s customer base involves professional automotive racing teams, automotive manufacturers, delivery vehicle manufacturers, and heavy duty truck and trailer manufactures, bicycle teams and manufactures, governments and military, all of which are concerned about efficiency, handling, and fuel economy. 

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