Streamline Solutions is a joint venture company between ENGYS Ltd. and ARC to create the Elements Software Suite. Bringing together the best capabilities for software development relating to the emerging technology known as OpenFoam and the physical validation talents and consultancy expertise affords Streamline Solutions the opportunity to “change the world.”

To learn more about ELEMENTS visit the ARC CFD Page and the Streamline Solutions ELEMENTS microsite.



ENGYS Ltd. is ARC's joint venture partner in Streamline Solutions LLC. ENGYS Ltd. is a software development company located world-wide and focused on the evolution of open source technology improvements. ENGYS' current focus is on OpenFoam, a computational fluid dynamics code in which several of the ENGYS founders played an origination role. Providing improved software and support to their various clients, as well as supporting Streamline Solutions, remains ENGYS' primary focus.

Visit the ARC CFD Page to purchase CFD software and ENGYS website to learn more.


PI - Cosworth

ARC reached a partnership with PI-Cosworth, developer of the most widely used wind tunnel control systems in the industry. Our partnership with PI-Cosworth has surpassed 15 years . Not only does our partnership allow for ARC facilities to stay on the leading edge of tunnel control systems, but it also strengthens ARC's future bids for wind tunnel manufacturing projects.

Visit the PI - Cosworth website to learn more.



ARC has remained a performance partner with PTC, developer of “Pro-E Creo” software, for over 15 years. Our mutually gratifying partnership offers PTC continual exposure to multiple markets through ARC's wide-ranging programs. In return, ARC is able to continue offering the best design software capabilities to our clients.

Visit the PTC website to learn more.



ARC reached a partnership agreement with MetalCrafters to complete ARC's full vehicle design cycles. Our enriched partnership allows ARC to provide a prototype end product with the “best in industry” quality. MetalCrafters remains the premier prototyping facility to multiple OEMs ranging from show cars through high performance super cars of moderate volumes.

Visit the MetalCrafters website to learn more.


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