ARC understands the unique challenge in meeting fuel efficiency targets while maintaining brand characteristics. ARC has worked with clients to integrate aerodynamic refinements during all phases of a car life cycle.

During the concept design phase, ARC has worked on creating cost efficient designs in areas of the car that become locked down quickly during production design. Working with the styling studio using CFD morphing techniques to refine the body shape and also design a sculpted underfloor can be one of the biggest drag reductions gains found during a car design lifespan. Working with the powertrain division on the engine bay shape to meet thermal needs and airflow exits integrated into the rest of the car. All aero gains can be verified using a quick build scale model.

For the bulk of the design phase of a vehicle, ARC has a number of tools to help with vehicle aerodynamics. Projects typically involve a highly detailed CFD and scale wind tunnel model, working with the manufacturer closely to test new part concepts and to ensure all thermal needs are being met.

Post production work often revolves around OEM and aftermarket performance upgrade packages and 'tech support' of problem areas. For performance upgrades ARC can make the most of the often limited changes allowed to tweak the last aerodynamic efficiencies out of the vehicle and meet the goals of the project. Wheel spokes are quickly becoming a hot spot to help reduce drag, using CFD sliding mesh technology, ARC has been at the front of the design curve. For when tech support is needed, thermal and handling issues can be dealt with using CFD and vehicle dynamic simulations.


Solutions packages offered for manufactures and aftermarket, large and small:

  • Body Shape Morphing effects on Aerodynamic Efficiency
  • Complete Vehicle Drag Reduction
  • Engine, Driveline, and Exhaust Thermal Cooling Analysis
  • Wheel Spoke Pattern Contribution to Drag
  • Wheel Well Flow
  • Brake Cooling
  • Engine Bay Air Path Analysis
  • Sculpted Underfloor
  • Drivetrain Efficiency
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Fuel Saving Aerodynamic Devices

Beyond the individual usage of ARC tools, our experience will enable a client to design a combined technical approach that meets the specific needs and goals for our customers. A combined program typically can reduce individual costs for our services and offer a more focused and robust approach to performance improvement. Efficiency is the key to winning market share, as well as turning your program into a success.

Solution packages by ARC for Production
Aerodynamic Development Vehicle Dynamics Vehicle Design Concept Prototyping
Sculpted Underfloor Facility Design Thermal Management Consultancy


ARC offers the following Services and Tools for Production
Wind Tunnel Testing CFD 7-Post Drivetrain Testing
Reverse Engineering Rapid Prototyping Vehicle Simulation Model Making


Products developed by ARC for Production
CFD Elements Suite Elap Model Motion  


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