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Welcome to the Inside Track with ARC. The Auto Research Center is a specialized research facility serving the motorsport, automotive production, commercial, government and bicycle industries. The ARC global headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana which hosts a 50% scale wind tunnel, 7-post, drivetrain test rig, bicycle test facility and CFD cluster center. ARC offers a wide range of solution type packages to further speed and efficiency.

Mac Flatbed Available For Use

Many of ARCís customers are currently focused on the resent GHG2 testing protocols concerning both commercial tractor and trailers which the EPA put into place this past summer. However some sections of the commercial transportation sector like Flatbed trailers were not placed into categories of mandatory regulation.
This very unique category for the commercial transportation sector is extremely varied, much like the many different kinds of loads these trailers are required to carry. At the same time, fuel efficient gains can also be made to these vehicles. We are only recently seeing some of these Flatbed trailers with specialized skirts and aero devices for the bogies, making some of the same large fuel economy savings that have only been seen on 53í conventional trailers. The aftermarket groups are already making aero devices for much of the commercial transportation sector; the Flatbed trailer should and will be an emerging market in the future. We are still working with relatively very low diesel prices. These aero devices to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency still currently provide a very strong return on investment.
ARCís unique Mack Flatbed wind tunnel model can be built in many different configurations of wheels and wheel bases. The Mack Flatbed trailer actually is ARCís most versatile wind tunnel model, being used as a conventional flatbed or built into a Conestoga model as well. Any configuration your company or fleet requires, we can customize with our engineers and model makers. So if you are either a Fleet or an aftermarket company looking to develop specialized aero products in this type of trailer market, ARC is ready to work with you.
To learn more about ARC's offerings for the Commercial Industry, visit the ARC website, call 317-291-8600 or email at

After an Incredible Season, John Force Is Left Hungry For More

ARC is proud to announce that we will be working with John Force Racing on the continuing development of the new Chevy Camaro bodies that debuted mid-season. In 2016 the 147 time NHRA winner took home the hardware in 4 races and was a contender in the rest. Teammate Robert Hight won the Gatornationals for the third time and put in solid runs across the country. Daughter and teammate Courtney Force saw her team come together and produce even stronger results as the season progressed. The team will utilize several Auto Research Center technologies to increase their performance in the quest for series championships in the Funny Car category. With three strong teams all working towards the same goal, we are confident that their three-pronged attack will truly be something to watch in 2017.
To learn more about ARC's offerings for the Motorsports Industry, visit the ARC website, call 317-291-8600 or email at

ABT Modifications Are Better Than Ever

Our customerís time and feedback are incredibly valuable to us; as a result, Arcís Aerodynamic Bike Testing team has carefully analyzed ways to make turnover time in between runs more efficient. This update allows the possibility of testing with only front mounts and does so in a way that should improve change time between the runs. The system also allows for wheel only testing of both front and rear wheels. With these new modifications it eliminates the feature of being able to test roll. It also will take a few hours to change from the new configuration to the old one and therefore one would have to pick which way you want the ABT before the day of the test.
To learn more about ARC's offerings for the Cyling Industry, visit the ARC website, call 317-291-8600 or email at

Pneumatic Tires Specific Production Car

Companies are progressively focusing on the effect of tire size, shape and tread on the aerodynamic performance of their vehicles. Modeling the interaction between the rubber and the road is always a challenge. Computational methods for capturing the rotation of the wheel are quite expensive and often seem problematic to get the correct tire deformation at the point of contact with the road. Aerodynamic considerations for the whole vehicle, including the underbody, are appearing earlier and earlier in the design cycle making full-scale testing with real tires a costly proposition. Fortunately Arc has designed and validated rapid prototype tires that can be built in only a few days. Pneumatic tires are exceptionally designed tires that can withstand forces during wind tunnel testing and be used without being overly bulky or expensive.
To learn more about ARC's offerings for the Production Vehicle Industry, visit the ARC website, call 317-291-8600 or email at


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