As a popular bumper sticker on semi-trucks reads, without trucking America stops. This applies to the logistical transportation industry around the world. There is no easier way to get goods from point A to B. Governments around the world have started to force the commercial vehicle industry towards improved efficiency due to the rising concerns over fossil fuels.

Both the US EPA and the State of California have approved ARC as an official testing site for measuring aerodynamic targets, ensuring that government mandates are being met. The advantage of the ARC scale model rolling road wind tunnel is that accurate testing can be done at the lowest cost compared to previous governmentally approved methods. In fact, previous methods are at best +/- 1% accurate on fuel economy improvements, while ARC's tunnel can produce +/- 0.25% accuracy. 


ARC solution packages offer the following:

  • Fleet Efficiency Analysis
  • SmartWay Verified Aerodynamic Testing
  • SmartWay Test Report Documentation and Writing
  • State of California Verified Aerodynamic Testing
  • Rental Wind Tunnel Scale Models for Part Development
  • Tractor and Trailer Forces Measured Separately for Improved CFD Correlation
  • Durability Testing
  • Development and Testing of Fuel Saving Aerodynamic Devices

Beyond the individual usage of ARC tools, our experience will enable a client to design a combined technical approach that meets the specific needs and goals for our customers. A combined program typically can reduce individual costs for our services and offer a more focused and robust approach to performance improvement. Efficiency is the key to winning market share, as well as turning your development program into a success.

For scale model wind tunnel testing, ARC has a range of 1/8 scale class 8 models available for use:

  • Tractors:
  • 2012 International Navistar ProStar with Full Sleeper
  • 2010 International Navistar ProStar with Day Cab
  • Volvo VNL670
  • Kenworth T-680 Sleeper Tractor*

  • Trailers:
  • Wabash 53' Dry Box
  • Hyundai 53' Dry Box
  • Great Dane 53' Dry Box
  • Stoughton 28' Double Pups
  • Stoughton 33' Trailer
  • Mac Flatbed

*These models require special application for use.

Solution packages by ARC for Commercial
Aerodynamic Development Fleet Efficiency Services Government Approval Concept Prototyping
Thermal Management Facility Design Consultancy  


ARC offers the following Services and Tools for Commercial
Wind Tunnel Testing CFD 7-Post Model Making
Reverse Engineering Rapid Prototyping


Products developed by ARC for Commercial
CFD Elements Suite Full Scale Pressure Taps Model Motion  


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