The Auto Research Center was born out of motorsports and still caters to its roots. ARC offers various services to help race teams and high performance companies continue to find new ways to improve performance. With a focus on aerodynamics and vehicle dynamic research and development, ARC can help you win your race!

ARC offers both physical and digital aerodynamic testing. The ARC wind tunnel can test up to 50% scale models, while digital testing is done using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Depending on the customer's budget, all teams can benefit from our multi-faceted approach. The wind tunnel is booked by the hour for a minimum of 12 hours per booking. CFD services can be purchased on a run per run basis or as an integrated part of a program.

The 7-post shaker rig is booked by the hour for a minimum of 9 hours per booking. Teams can test their race cars using all seven posts to simulate both aerodynamic and road loading or just a 4-post road loading for cars where aerodynamic forces are not substantial. This facility also offers a dynamic tire heating system to enhance real-world accuracy.

Reverse engineering is especially critical in today's level of spec racing. The goal is to create a digital model from the physical parts. From scanning a suspension pickup bracket or an entire vehicle, our portable, laser system is capable of handling the job. Reverse engineering is booked on a project to project basis.

We understand that in today’s competitive racing environment even the smallest gains can be the difference between winning and losing, that is why we designed a driveline dyno that resolves horsepower to .1 hp . This full power facility allows your components to be tested under the same conditions that they would see at the racetrack and allows you to measure power output at the hubs. The driveline dyno is booked on an hourly basis for a minimum of 8 hours per booking.

Beyond the individual usage of ARC tools, our experience will enable a team to design a combined program that meets the specific needs and goals for our customers. A combined program typically can reduce individual costs for our services and offers a more focused and robust approach to performance improvement. Efficiency is the key to winning races, as well as turning your development program into a success.



Solution packages by ARC for Motorsport
Aerodynamic Development Vehicle Dynamics Computer Aided Engineeering Concept Prototyping


ARC offers the following Services and Tools for Motorsport
Wind Tunnel Testing CFD 7-Post Drivetrain Testing
Reverse Engineering Rapid Prototyping Vehicle Simulation Model Making


Products developed by ARC for Motorsport
CFD Elements Suite Elap Full Scale Pressure Taps Model Motion


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