3D Printing / Rapid Prototype

ARC offers in-house growing of FDM 3D printed parts for your needs. Our FDM 3d printing system generates 3D physical models directly from CAD files in a matter of hours. The Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process builds models in ultra-thin layers from strong ABS plastic, to produce fully functional prototypes. Using a soluble support material, our technology allows for movable parts to be made "inside" of other parts. Unlike SLA materials, our FDM materials do not degrade over time and are completely cured when a part is delivered.

The quick turnaround time and toughness of the parts makes them ideally suited for use as prototype model parts for wind tunnel programs, for presentation models, or, with some finishing, as tooling for low-temperature composite parts. FDM can also create fully assembled, multi-component systems with moving parts, such as gears, that actually work.


File Types & Build Size

ARC specializes in making the parts for your custom projects, however big or small they may be. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quote along with guidance on build orientation and technique. An "STL" file is the recommended format, but all common cad export formats can be used or ARC can create the cad model for you. Various post-finishing services, such as sanding, smoothing using body filler or acetone, and painting can also be included. If the parts are larger than the build envelope of the FDM machines, 18"x18"x24", it is possible to build parts in several sections and bond them together to create parts.

Material Spec Sheet for ABS Plus Material


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3D Printing Uses

The quick turnaround, durability, and FMD materials used make 3D printing ideal for:

  • Tooling for low-temperature composite parts
  • Wind Tunnel Model test components
  • Presentation models
  • Prototype parts


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