Chassis Development encompasses many areas, from optimizing grip, maintaining safety, to ride comfort. ARC recognizes and achieves the balance necessary for optimal vehicle performance.

Beyond measuring performance and ride quality, our 7-post shaker facility utilizes a proprietary dynamic tire heating system that allows this facility to achieve real world accuracy beyond what is available at other facilities.


Our drivetrain facility allows the user to find and improve critical efficiency areas throughout the entire drive line of a vehicle. Concentrating on the power output through the wheels, this full power facility has proven accurate beyond other available tools.

Coupled with our physical testing capabilities, ARC offers several vehicle dynamic software tools to enhance an engineering team's productivity. Programs such as our eLap trackside simulation tool and our virtual 7-post software, allows ARC the capability for offering the best of two worlds for our customers.

Since having the best tools is not necessarily enough to win against your competition these days, ARC is proud to also offer unparalleled vehicle dynamics consultancy. Our experience has aided our customers to achieve their competitive goals.

Contact ARC via e-mail or phone at 317-291-8600 for more on chassis development.


Vehicle Dynamics Development at ARC uses the following Services and Tools
Vehicle Simulation 7-Post Drivetrain Testing Model Making
Reverse Engineering      


Products sold by ARC used by the Vehicle Dynamics Solution Package
Elap RHA Virtual 7-Post  


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