ARC specializes in vehicle design and industrial design consultancy. Having the experience with playing team roles in full vehicle design cycles, we have the understanding and personality to provide a supporting or lead role in large design programs. Maintaining flexibility, ARC also likes to maintain smaller consultancy projects in several different vehicle attribute areas. Given our record of confidentiality, it is no surprise we have become an important "go to" team member for multiple OEMs. As a tier one supplier, we are fully integrateable into your company's specific processes and requirements.

Given our core competencies, ARC is capable of offering "runs for hire" through to full consultancy and design programs. With the ability to dedicate talented personnel on a per annum basis that have access to our own in-house super computer, we can improve our customer's beneficial outputs several times over. Offering great value and ease of working together to our customers is what we believe builds a happy and reliable client base.



ARC has several aerodynamicists on staff with experience in racing, production and commercial industries. All aerodynamicists have worked hands on in the industry. ARC aerodynamic consultant programs range from:
• Design and Development
• Program Status Review and Realizing Streamlined Methodology
• Data Collection and Report Writing
• Test Setup Support
• CFD, Wind Tunnel and Track Test Support
• Implementation of Future Testing Direction


Vehicle Dynamics

If it's maximum tire traction, ride comfort or both, ARC has vehicle dynamics experts on staff. Typical program duties:
 Review of Suspension Layout and Recommendations on Improvement
 Damper/Shock Setup Guides and Tuning
 Reducing Friction in Powertrain Units
 Explanation of Tire Handling Characteristics


Design Engineering

The Design Engineers at ARC come from many background from around the world, Americas, Europe and Asia, and are versed in concept prototyping to mass production processes. ARC uses Creo Paramatric as its go-to CAD software package. ARC Design Engineers are able to help turn your vision and sketches into physical items.
• Design Analysis
• Reverse Engineering Capabilities
• 3D CAD Modeling, including Class-A Surfacing
• 2D Print Making
• FEA Analysis


Test Engineering

Getting the most from of your testing, if it's simulation, wind tunnel, dynamometer, or track testing, there are always ways to improve methodologies. ARC can help you with:
 Program Development Planning
 Test Setup and Operation
 Detailed Report Writing
 Physical Test Equipment Recommendations
 Physical Test Equipment Maintenance and Improvements



Experienced model makers and fabricators at ARC are already experts in custom, prototype and production level fabrications. Example of materials and processes ARC fabricators can handle:
• Sheetmetal
• Machined Metal
• Welding
• Mold Creation
• Carbon Fiber Layup
• 3D Printing Quality Control


R&D Group

New technologies are everywhere and growing at a rapid pace. ARC's in-house R&D department has already developed world class equipment and testing facilities that are comparable to Fortune 500 company equipment. Do you have a unique idea in mind?



ARC also has in house staff with photography and video production expertise that ARC customers can use to present professional level media for presentation or trade show purposes.


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