Commercial Fleet Efficiency Services

Reduce Operating Costs... Let ARC show you how.

ARC can find opportunities to reduce your operating costs through a detailed review of your fleet and its operations. ARC has already helped fleets save over $2,000 to $10,000 per truck in operating costs and can do the same for you.

ARC's experts range from top level aerodynamicists who have consulted for the EPA in setting fuel efficiency standard test procedures to financial officers of corporations who understand how a company is run.


Fleet Savings Calculator

How much money can more efficient aerodynamic parts save your fleet? To help answer this question, ARC created a calculator that allows fleets to enter their general inputs and get a cost savings for a single truck or entire fleet. This calculator is considered one of the industry standards. To download your copy today, please fill out the form below to access it.


Consultancy Analysis

Consultancy Analysis involves ARC specialists visiting your fleet, reviewing tractor/trailer combinations to access the best ways to improve your aerodynamic fuel economy, duty cycle to minimize downtimes and suspension parts quality control and ride improvement, and route analysis to save time and miles.

• Assess your current fleet configurations, duty cycles, fuel spend, and existing technologies
• Identify aerodynamic fuel economy improvements per your fleet configurations
• Determine attainable savings estimates per your fleets duty cycles and fuel prices
• Resource for fuel savings approaches through Aerodynamics and other technologies


Fuel Economy Analysis

Fuel Economy Analysis takes your fleet's current tractor/trailer combination, analyzes the aerodynamic setup and quantifies your current fuel economy, then using a best setup, the same analysis is run to give a measureable gain in fuel economy in terms of cost savings.

• Calculates your fleet's current tractor/trailer combination for baseline fuel economy
• Determines fuel economy gains using fleets' best setup to evaluate Aftermarket Aero devices
• Test tractor/Trailer configurations to identify optimized aero devices setup
• Report giving fleet decision makers a guide for optimal selection of tractors, trailers, and the right aftermarket Aerodynamic devices that provide the greatest fuel savings


Aerodynamics Analysis

Aerodynamic Analysis uses ARC's inventory of aftermarket parts to develop specific combinations of aftermarket components for a fleet's particular tractor/trailer combination. Results from testing are given to the fleet to allow them to select the best package and aftermarket parts to save money.

 ARC can produce even greater fuel savings from untapped areas by utilizing design know-how, scale model wind tunnel testing, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
 Develop fleet specific designs for optimization of engine bay, wheel well, underbody, etc
 Double digit fleet fuel efficiency gains realized by globally recognized company


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