Thermal Management Simulation

Solvable Thermal Problems

  • Engine Bay & Underbody Thermal Protection
  • Engine Bay Heat & Temperature
  • Cooling Fan Modeling & Performance
  • Heat Re-Ingestion in Idling Conditions
  • Exhaust Flows
  • Grille Shape Optimization
  • Brake Disc & Duct Ventilation
  • Moving Mesh for Wheel Spoke Flow
  • HVAC System Performance
  • Cabin Crew Comfort
  • Defrosting & Demisting
  • Cool-Down & Heat-Soak Effects
  • Electronics Cooling


ELEMENTS CFD Optimization


ELEMENTS by Streamline Solutions, a joint venture between ARC and ENGYS Ltd., is used in tandem with a 1D code to evaluate and optimize the air side performance of a cooling system, including heat-exchangers, fans and HVAC modules. Exceptional computing scalability (minimal HPC licenses) permits quick iterative cycles.

ARC Thermal Management Deliverables

  • Pressure Drop Values
  • Mass Flow Rates
  • Field Temperatures
  • Hot Spot Locations
  • Stagnation Regions
  • Optimum Place of Components
  • Treatment for Heat Sensitive Parts

All thermal simulations are done at ARC using its in-house High Performance Computing (HPC) data center for maximum customer privacy. Current cluster computing power includes more than 10 teraFLOPS and 600+ cores. More than 1,000 additional processors are also accessible remotely outside of the headquarters.


Thermal Management Analysis at ARC uses the following Services and Tools
Wind Tunnel Testing CFD Rapid Prototyping Reverse Engineering



Products sold by ARC used for Thermal Management Analysis
CFD Elements Suite      


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