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ARC Indycar Technical Membership
January 28th 2015 - ARC is pleased to announce the Indycar Technical Membership package. This membership allows for one year’s use of all ARC services to help find the extra on track performance. Membership grants a test budget that can be used throughout the year, mixing and matching services as needed. The test budget within the membership offers a discounted rate compared to using individual services.
“By using this membership, Indycar teams can choose the services which best fit their needs to maximize their on track performance” said ARC COO Henri Kowalczyk.
ARC Services included in the package:
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • CFD Consulting
  • CFD Elements Analysis
  • CFD Cloud Computing
  • 7-Post
  • Driveline Dyno
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Rapid Prototype
  • CAD Design
  • Model Making Services
For more information on joining ARC’s Indycar Technical Membership program, contact ARC by e-mail at, via phone at 1-317-291-8600 or visit
About Auto Research Center
Auto Research Center, LLC is a research & development facility that provides analysis using its various testing devices such as wind tunnel, CFD Elements software, seven post rig and drive train test rig, as well as design and consultancy services.  The majority of ARC’s customer base involves professional automotive racing teams, automotive manufacturers, delivery vehicle manufacturers, and heavy duty truck and trailer manufactures and military, all of which are concerned about efficiency, handling, and fuel economy. 

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