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ARC Launches Newsletter
August 19th 2014 -

The Inside Track with ARC, a new monthly newsletter with the latest happenings, project and question and answer Tech Zone was launched on August 19th. The first newsletter features the core competencies that ARC offers, while the Tech Zone has details on force measurement in the wind tunnel.

Bob Wellens, ARC Vice President of Sales said "We are excited about this newsletter because it will showcase our total capabilities for all our customers. Some of our customers only use ARC for specific projects, but this newsletter may open up new areas we can work together to help them achieve their goals."

The newsletter will feature articles about motorsports, commercial, production vehicle and more. To sign up for the newsletter, Click HERE

For more information on how ARC's capabilities can help you, contact ARC by e-mail at or via phone at 1-317-291-8600.

About Auto Research Center

Auto Research Center, LLC is a research & development facility that provides analysis using its various testing devices such as wind tunnel, CFD Elements software, seven post rig and drive train test rig, as well as design and consultancy services. The majority of ARC's customer base involves professional automotive racing teams, automotive manufacturers, delivery vehicle manufacturers, and heavy duty truck and trailer manufactures and military, all of which are concerned about efficiency, handling, and fuel economy. "Our Customer's Success is Our Business"


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