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ARC Model Motion
January 24th 2014 -

The Auto Research Center announces the use of its in house developed scale model wind tunnel testing model motion balance system for all customers as well as for purchase. The model motion system allows for automated yaw, roll and pitch movement. These movements can be included into a single test run to allow for a full range of vehicular motion in an efficient manner.

ARC model motion mounts directly inside the scale model and uses an Aerotech 6-axis force balance for superior aerodynamic measurement. The model motion system itself uses an innovative adjustable bearing shim preload and stepper motor gear layout to create a high level of repeatability of the automated range of motion. The accuracy of the balance combined with the repeatability of the model motion makes for an advanced aerodynamic testing setup.

The model motion system has different configurations for Motorsports, Automotive, Commercial Trucking and Military application. Depending on the type of scale model in use, the system allows for +/- 14 degrees of yaw, +/- 5 degrees of roll and +/- 5 degree of pitch. For narrow spine based designs there is an alternative mounting configuration to allow the unit to package at a width of 190mm.

"This advanced model motion system represents ARC's continued commitment to the vehicle development industry to perpetuate update what is already seen as cutting edge methodologies and techniques explained Mike Camosy, ARC's CEO. "We look forward to further developments being made available to the research community this year.

For more information about using or purchasing the model motion system, balance loading specifications or wind tunnel testing, read more about the system here or contact ARC by e-mail at or via phone at 1-317-291-8600.

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