“Spotlight on the ARC Test Technician Career”

ARC test technicians provide a unique role for the transportation industry. They oversee ARC’s world leading testing facilities, the Rolling Road Wind Tunnel, Suspension/Durability Shaker Rig and Hybrid Drivetrain Dynamometers at the ARC world headquarter in Indianapolis.

The ARC technician’s career is set apart from other test jobs by the wide range of customers who test at the ARC test facilities. On any given day the ARC technician might be working, the shaker rig with an Indycar preparing for the Indy 500, while the wind tunnel has a commercial truck testing to reduce drag to improve fuel economy for a greener future and the drivetrain dyno running with a NASCAR team or a production car manufacture.
Those with a passion for vehicles and technology with the goal of mastering test equipment are the ideal candidates to become an ARC test technician. Having an understanding of electronic, mechanical & computer skills plus, a willingness to learn will lead to a great career at ARC.
If you are or know someone interested, head to ARC’s career page at: http://www.arcindy.com/arc-auto-research-center-careers.html


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