ARC Commercial Durability Verification

With a demand from commercial trucking fleets, ARC has created a durability verification program. Aftermarket and OEM’s who have their aerodynamic fuel saving parts tested on the ARC durability test rig and pass the mileage and setlog requirements gain the stamp of verification. Commercial fleets can review which parts have passed and pick the best part for both aerodynamic and maintenance requirements...   Read More >>

Auto Research Center is a specialized research facility, which sells time in its various test rigs (such as our wind tunnel and seven post rig) and provides design and consultancy services to government/military, commercial vehicle, 
automotive and racing clientele. ARC prides itself on remaining a competent tier one supplier to multiple OEMs throughout these industries. We also offer scale model development, vehicle aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics capabilities and  expertise, computer aided engineering software, vehicle dynamics software and computer modeling programs for the purpose of trackside simulation.  ARC is a worldwide company that is committed to developing innovative solutions in  the ever-changing field of transportation.

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