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Streamline Solutions launches ELEMENTS v2.1.0
October 9th 2015 - Streamline Solutions, a joint venture between ARC and ENGYS Inc, is proud to announce the release v2.1.0 of ELEMENTS, a groundbreaking CFD software suite for vehicle design applications. The product combines a dedicated wizard type interface for modelling external vehicle aerodynamics, and a general purpose CFD interface for solving other vehicle design applications such as UHMT, HVAC, in-cabin flows, aeroacoustics simulations, etc.
ELEMENTS v2.1.0 incorporates several new features, improvements and bug fixes with respect to the previous release v2.0.0. The software is supported in both Linux and Windows platforms, including a new version of HELYX-Core v2.2-2.2 (ENGYS' own enhanced open-source simulation engine based on the OpenFOAM® library).
The main enhancements delivered with this new version of ELEMENTS include, but are not limited to:
  • Improved DES model setup for vehicle external aerodynamics
  • New interface with embedded simulation practices for Stock-car vehicle type
  • Improved geometry handling for STL files containing multiple geometry components
  • Improved interface for wheels definition and setup
  • New editing facility for creating and saving execution scripts
  • Up-to-date documentation, all accessible via the Help menu in the GUI
The latest installation files for both Linux and Windows are now available to all ELEMENTS users from our Customer Portal at For further information about ELEMENTS features and availability please email us at
About Streamline Solutions
Streamline Solutions LLC, a joint venture formed between ENGYS and Auto Research Center, was founded in the USA in early 2012 to serve the vehicle design software market, covering automotive, motorsports, commercial and military applications. The company develops and promote the software suite ELEMENTS, a CAE platform for CFD analysis and vehicle design optimisation powered by open-source technologies. Streamline Solutions combines ENGYS’ leading-edge software development and support, a long and reputable participation in the open-source software business, with ARC’s proven vehicle design expertise and world leading wind tunnel and experimental facilities for validation purposes.
About Auto Research Center
Auto Research Center, LLC is a research & development facility that provides analysis using its various testing devices such as wind tunnel, CFD Elements software, seven post rig and drive train test rig, as well as design and consultancy services.The majority of ARC’s customer base involves professional automotive racing teams, automotive manufacturers, delivery vehicle manufacturers, and heavy duty truck and trailer manufactures and military, all of which are concerned about efficiency, handling, and fuel economy. 

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