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January 2015
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ARC is pleased to announce the Indycar Technical Membership package. This membership allows for one year's use of all ARC services to help find the extra on track performance.

Membership grants a test budget that can be used throughout the year, mixing and matching services as needed. The test budget within the membership offers a discounted rate compared to using individual services.
ARC Services included in the package:
To join the Indycar Technical Membership Program, call 317-291-8600 or email at


ARC has designed and patented off-cycle credit technologies for the automotive industry. A featured design for pickup trucks, offers a moveable wake convergence and air deflection device improves fuel economy for loaded, unloaded and trailered conditions. This off-cycle technology is available for purchase to help improve aerodynamic fuel efficiency and gain off-cycle credits.
ARC services, from wind tunnel testing, CFD analysis, CFD ELEMENTS suite and consulting, can help develop and prove off-cycle credit moveable aerodynamic devices. Using the efficiency operations at ARC can help reduce timelines and provide the solution needed for less cost.
For more information on the ARC off-cycle credit wake convergence device or ARC services to gain off-cycle credits, visit the ARC website, call 317-291-8600 or email at
ARC looks forward to ensuring your success.


ARC now offers large scale class 8 models for wind tunnel testing. In additional to the high value 1/8" scale model testing, larger scale models provide increased data on areas such as cooling flow and tire details. Delivering larger scale models by working with manufactures from design, build and full support of the model offers a complete solution.
With the fleet of 1/8" models and aerodynamic services, that provides efficient testing of part development, verifying fleet setup and government approval, ARC understands all the questions to ask and attention to detail needed to design and build larger models. At the same time being able to then provide model and aerodynamic support helps manufactures increase their knowledge base.
For more information on ARC's services for commercial vehicles, visit the ARC website, call 317-291-8600 or email at


TECH ZONE is an additional area of our newsletter where each month a customer question will be answered by the related expert at ARC. So, please send in any questions you might have, from wind tunnel test instrumentation, cfd workings,to tuning your shocks.
Ask your questions at
Does adjoint have anything to do with medical marijuana?

Sorry to dispel any rumors, but adjoint is a complex CFD solver that allows for a more efficient way to optimize designs, while testing more variables than a typical parametric optimisation.

Topology optimisation with adjoint delivers optimised internal flows for scenarios such as intake ports, HVAC ducts, exhaust manifolds, water jackets, etc. The user supplies a package volume and target parameters (pressure, drop, swirl, flow uniformity, etc.) and the adjoint automatically morphs to an optimum shape.

Shape optimisation takes the exterior of a car, for example, and shows whether you should push or pull on the surface to improve a given parameter, or set of parameters (drag, downforce, efficiency, balance, etc.). This delivers in a single run what would take many hundreds, or thousands, of CFD runs to deliver using traditional parametric techniques.

Most adjoints use 1st order accuracy (poor), whereas ELEMENTS Adjoint utilises 2nd order accuracy (better), or even a quasi-transient approach (best), to deliver better predictions for improvements.

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